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Our Necklace & Choker Chain Types

There are many necklace chain types and styles, below is a brief description of the different chain types that you'll find here at

1. Belcher Chain:
The belcher chain is characterized by its simple and timeless design, consisting of uniform, round links turned 180 degrees alternately. This classic chain type is versatile and can be worn on its own or paired with a pendant to complement various styles. Its elegant appearance makes it a popular choice for both men and women.

2. Cuban Chain:
Cuban chains are known for their bold and sturdy construction, featuring tightly interlocking links that form a flat and flexible design. These chains are often associated with a strong look and are frequently chosen for showcasing larger, heavier pendants or as standalone statement pieces.

3. Figaro Chain:
Figaro chains are recognized by their distinctive pattern of repeating small links followed by a longer link. This asymmetrical design gives the chain a unique and eye-catching appearance. Figaro chains are popular choices for both men and women and are available in various thicknesses and lengths.

4. Wheat Chain:
The wheat chain is known for its intricate and elegant design, resembling a series of woven strands that create a braided appearance. This chain type is prized for its durability and ability to hold up well under daily wear. It's often selected for its graceful, feminine look and is ideal for showcasing delicate pendants.

5. Box Chain:
Box chains are characterized by square or rectangular links that form a sleek and geometric design. These chains have a clean and modern aesthetic, making them suitable for various occasions. Box chains are favored for their strength and ability to support heavy pendants while maintaining a refined appearance.

6. Rope Chain:
Rope chains are made up of twisted or spiraled links that create the appearance of a continuous, twisted strand. This classic chain design is known for its timeless appeal and versatility, making it a popular choice for both casual and formal wear. Rope chains come in various thicknesses, offering different levels of durability and style.

7. Byzantine Chain:
Byzantine chains feature a complex and ornate design with intricately woven links that create a distinctive and eye-catching pattern. This chain type is often chosen for its artistic and historical charm, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

8. Paperclip Chain:
The paperclip chain is characterized by its unique and modern design, resembling elongated, flattened links that mimic the shape of traditional paperclips. This contemporary chain style has gained popularity for its minimalist and fashion-forward look, making it a trendy choice for both men and women.

These descriptions should help you understand the key features and characteristics of each necklace chain type that we sell, allowing you to make informed decisions when choosing the right chain for your jewellery preferences and style.